Let it Snow!

We had planned to go sledding for our cast party and kept waiting and waiting for the snow to come.  Our cast party motto was “Let it Snow!” and we thought lots of snowy thoughts.  Magically, it worked!  The snow came too late for Christmas, but not too late for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever cast party. 

It was a riot watching the hill filled with cast members sledding, laughing, conversing, and even “surf sledding” as I call it.  I loved seeing our own Reverand Hopkins in his Russian ushanka hat and catching random moments of a father hugging his daughter, a sister pulling her brother down the hill, a group of cast members giggling at the bottom of the hill, and friends racing against each other.  It was fun for all! 

We finished up afterwards watching the 1986 version of the story, drinking hot chocolate, eating a crazy amount of goodies, visiting, and playing some fun drama games.  Great party, fun group, yummy food = mission accomplished!

About Andrea

Andrea serves as the publicity director for SJCT. Last year, she played the role of Grace Bradley (A.K.A "Mother") in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and got the opportunity to produce Oliver!