Dear Prince Dashing

From Andrew: Hey Princes! How can I catch the eye of a special some one? Appreciate the advice!

Esteemed Andrew:

The rules for the peasantry are slightly different than the rules for princes. What you lack in charm, manners and wealth you will have to make up for in other ways. Wearing manly musky scents, taking brisk walks in the forest and wrestling bears will all increase your masculinity and therefore your attractiveness. Most importantly, I suggest making sure your ego is impenetrable. Convince yourself by whatever means necessary that you are a strapping, handsome, confident lad and that a girl would be crazy not to choose you (unless you were standing next to me). Once you believe this to your very core, approach your beloved with every expectation that you will be accepted. Women notice that kind of confidence and find it hard to refuse. The fantastic thing about this method is that even if you are rejected your ego is impenetrable! Move on to the next conquest, good man! I sincerely hope this helps you.

Prince Dashing


I have reconsidered my original advice. I think it best that I meet this “special someone” in person. Once I have beheld the maiden I will be able to give you more qualified advice.

Your presence will not be required.

Prince Dashing.

Prince Dashing

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Toni is the President and Artistic Director for Kensington Theatre Company. By day, she is mom to five beautiful children, wife to the talented Paul, and teaches Theatre/Crew for Early Light Academy.