Dear Stacey (AKA the Witch)!

From Eli:  Ms. Witch, How would I make this person leave me alone?

Dearest Eli,

This one is quite easy. I am VERY good at being left alone. Let me share a few tips with you.

* Make sure your teeth are blackened and rotting
*Give those around you creepy big eyed looks (see attached picture)
* If possible, grow claws and a hunch
*And as often as possible, cause much pain and suffering to the nether regions of those you come in contact with.

But for you my child, I don’t think you will need to do any of these things. For I have prepared a tower with no windows or doors for you. And I shall put you up there and I shall call you Eli-unzle. And you shall be my Eli-unzle. And NO ONE WILL EVER BOTHER YOU AGAIN!!!! Whaa ha ha ha ha!!!

But Eli, I will let you out to come and see me in Into The Woods this weekend. Tell them Stacey (or Mother) sent you and you will get a special prize!


Stacey (AKA the Witch)

Leave me alone!

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Toni is the President and Artistic Director for Kensington Theatre Company. By day, she is mom to five beautiful children, wife to the talented Paul, and teaches Theatre/Crew for Early Light Academy.