Dear Stacey (AKA the Witch)!

Melissa wrote: “Ms Witch: How do you maintain your lovely complexion?”

Dearest Melissa,

I can’t tell you how MANY people ask me this question. People are either envious of my skin or my nose. It seems like it’s all they can stare at when they are talking to me. I feel like saying, “Excuse me…my eyes are up here!” Anyway, the good news is that you too can be as lovely as me! In three short mid-nights, (and 3 easy payments of $ 99.99) you too can go from hag to fab!

Here is my favorite skin cream recipe:
4 C Cow (make sure it is as white as milk)
3 T Cape as red as blood extract
1 hair ( as yellow as corn)
1 Slipper (as pure as Gold)

Now as long as you don’t touch ANY of the ingredients you shall have, I guarantee, a face as perfect and lovely as me.

I hope you will come and flaunt your new found beauty this weekend when you attened Into The Woods! Recieve a small gift if you tell them Stacey sent you!!!

Witch (AKA Stacey)



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