Auditions are over… now we can breathe!

You know that awkward moment when the directors says, “Talk amongst yourselves” and the production team whispers and collaborates in front of you?  You pretend you don’t care at all about what they are saying, but you really do.  That is just one of the joys of auditioning along with filling out audition forms, song preparation, cold readings, dancing, games, standing up to compare heights, etc.

But this time I was in charge of checking everyone in for auditions and I got to see a different side to the whole picture.  It was really fun.  Auditioners commented that they felt as if they were on a movie set with the director, Steve, sitting there wearing his french scarf.  I noticed the MANY reunions that went on as past actors reunited and chatted or played a little to pass the time.  I enjoyed the impromptu songs of the production team while there was a break in auditions.  I loved getting to know the boys at call backs while we danced and played theater games together.  What a fun group!  There really was fun to be found amidst the pressures of an audition.

Now that the auditions are over and the cast list is posted, here are a few fun moments caught on camera.  Congrats to the whole cast.  It will be a fun couple of months!

About Andrea

Andrea serves as the publicity director for SJCT. Last year, she played the role of Grace Bradley (A.K.A "Mother") in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and got the opportunity to produce Oliver!