Kensington Family

Yesterday we opened Tarzan and it was wonderful! (Come see it!) I’m not sure how to put what I’m feeling today into words, please bear with me as I try. I had a vision… a dream to create a place where anyone who wanted to work hard and love each other for exactly who they are could come together and create really good theatre. Yesterday, everything seemed fine, then we pushed the go button to begin the first light cue and it didn’t work. I looked to my friend to cover while I madly tried to fix the error. Without hesitation, he jumps on stage and starts telling jokes. And in the whirl of freaking out about the lights, I now notice the Improvinators (who had come to just watch the show) are also now on stage entertaining the audience. The lights get fixed and the audience applauds. And then the next bit of magic begins. Seventy youth tell a beautiful story about families. If anyone doubts the youth of today, please come witness Tarzan. These are not only fabulous performers, they give and love and value the selflessness theatre can be. By the end of the performance, without thinking, I rose to my feet: Bravo to the kids! Bravo to the adults! Bravo to my friends! Bravo! I didn’t realize that a dream could truly become a reality… Bravo to my Kensington family!

About Toni

Toni is the President and Artistic Director for Kensington Theatre Company. By day, she is mom to five beautiful children, wife to the talented Paul, and teaches Theatre/Crew for Early Light Academy.