Almost done!

I cannot believe we have just two more blocking rehearsals and we are into run throughs already! What a great rehearsal week we’ve had!  I have had a blast directing these amazing kids.  It’s going fabulous!  One of my favorite moments so far was listening to 85 children sing at our first  music rehearsal.  Candice Kugler, our very talented music director, did an amazing job with the kids.  I got chills! 

Another truly entertaining moment was when Gladys (Emma Thomas) takes out Rosie (Lindsay Haslam and Bryn Nielsen) who is 3 times her size!    

Don’t wait!  Get your tickets now for this holiday gem!

Check out the youtube links below for sneak peak at our amazing cast!

About Kimberly

Kimberly is on the advisory board, is a director and head choreographer at SJCT. She grew up in NY where she trained in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical for 15 years and has taught dance in NY, MT and UT for almost 10 years. Her motto is "Dance like no one's watching!!"