Unto you a child is born!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is coming along beautifully.  The kids are fabulous, the adults are fabulous and everything is just coming to life.  My cast surprised me with three birthday treats at our last Saturday’s rehearsal.  The day before I came down with a nasty flu and you name it, I had it.  With a nine hour rehearsal day feeling like I was run over by a train, the birthday surprises were simply delightful.  Thank you cast and cast parents!  You made my day.  Not only that, but the kids were angels and listened and worked really hard.  So way to go!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

About Kimberly

Kimberly is on the advisory board, is a director and head choreographer at SJCT. She grew up in NY where she trained in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical for 15 years and has taught dance in NY, MT and UT for almost 10 years. Her motto is "Dance like no one's watching!!"