And that’s a wrap…

It’s kind of a fitting saying as Christmas also comes to a close!  Before we knew it, the play was over and we were striking the set.  I’ve talked to a few people since the play closed that say their kids are really missing the play, mine included.  It’s interesting how you focus so much time and energy on a project for weeks or months at a time and then all of a sudden it is over.  Thank goodness we’ve got a cast party coming up to provide some closure!

We had a great time working together to clean up and clear out of the community center on our closing night.  We had our fearless Toni who climbed to crazy heights.  We had the die hard stage crew who stuck it out.  And lots of great actors, production team members and parents as well.  I personally enjoyed having some down time to casually talk while we swept, cleared out props, moved lights, etc. etc.

I have to say that I chose to be in this production because I love working with kids.  They constantly make me smile and laugh.  Bob Bradley in the play (a.k.a Andrew Hackman) and I found ourselves chuckling quite frequently at the things the kids did, both planned and unplanned. Thanks to everyone for a memory I’ll never forget…

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love, Mrs. Bradley

About Andrea

Andrea serves as the publicity director for SJCT. Last year, she played the role of Grace Bradley (A.K.A "Mother") in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and got the opportunity to produce Oliver!