Here’s to 2012!

As this year ends so does our fourth season! I can hardly believe where we started and where we have come.

Some wonderful memories of this past year: Cinderella’s Prince and the Steward spontaneously switching parts in Woods, the teens’ awesome execution of Thriller, all those talented children (over 300 participated this year!), a bloody nose in Captain Louie and a witty cast covering the blood, a hysterical birthday serenade by seven talented Little Mermaid cast members, the sweet rallying around mourning cast members, strikes (oh the strikes… let’s build a theatre! Come on… just 3 milllion!), the thousands of laughs shared with our charismatic iMPROVINATORS, and who can forget the teens’ brilliant execution of Les Miserables?!

Our community of theatre is just amazing! Constantly giving, loving, working, and laughing. The art of theatre is more than a production: it builds life skills, it unites communities, it gives one a sense of home and a sense of self, it is a gift that we carefully package for months and lovingly hand to our audiences, it is what is being tenderly grown at SJCT. I am so proud of this theatre company; of its optimism, its energy, its integrity, and most of all its people (always growing, always welcoming)!

What a wonderful year! Thank you to all who made it another marvelous memory! Here’s to Season 4 at SJCT and looking forward to Season 5 in 2013!

About Toni

Toni is the President and Artistic Director for Kensington Theatre Company. By day, she is mom to five beautiful children, wife to the talented Paul, and teaches Theatre/Crew for Early Light Academy.