Theatre School Pride

85 kids ranging from 5-12 are having a wonderful time during the first week of Theatre School.  This year’s Theatre School is focused on Hooray for Hollywood! with scenes from Newsies, Finding Nemo, The Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain, Star Wars, Lion King and more.  I loved peeking in this week and seeing all kinds of learning going on.   I loved the feeling of unity that was present while watching the whole group, teachers and assistants included, participate in warm up activities to start the day off.  Theatre School is much more than just learning choreography and speaking lines.  Students were playing games to enhance diction and encourage imagination.  They were learning about focus and participating as a team player.  And teachers and student assistants were helping each child to individually build confidence and step outside of their comfort zone to experience the world of acting.  

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in action at the final performance August 11 (tickets are just $3!), where audience members will leave with smiles on their faces and their feet tapping to the tunes we are all so familiar with!

The Costume Ball Celebration

This year, the Costume Ball Committee and Advisory Board made a goal to make our fall fundraiser strongly focused on being a celebration.  A celebration on what we have achieved and where we are going.

As the evening went on and I saw the fun costumes, delicious spread of food, socializing, laughter at the Improvinators and dramatic renditions of Oliver songs, the teens performing their hearts out to Hairspray, and some funky dancing to wrap it all up, I knew we had reached our goal.

I am grateful for where we have come from as a theater.  Not only physically with things such as risers, curtains, a stage, etc.  But also how SJCT has grown as actors and as a theater family.  The Costume Ball only solidified this feeling for me.

A special thanks to our MANY sponsors and volunteers who made the evening possible and to everyone who came to celebrate!  If you missed it this year, no worries, just plan on coming to celebrate with us again next fall.