Les Miserables Energy

I sat in on the parent meeting for Les Miserables last night and sensed an energy I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in a play. These teenagers are excited, energized and ready to knock everyone’s socks off. There was already a sense of family and support and I’m so excited to watch the journey.  Energy like this on day one only means even greater things are to come in the next 7 weeks! This is going to to be fun…

Orphans R Us

I was recently enlightened to a new name proposal for our theatre.  One of our teenage actresses joked that we should change our name to Orphans R Us since the vast majority of our productions have been about orphans.  She was absolutely right and made me laugh- we’ve had  Dorothy, Peter Pan, Annie (along with 80+ orphans!), Aladdin, Mary Lennox, and now Oliver & Fagin’s band as our resident orphans. I’m not so sure the name change will be approved by our board of directors, but it was a clever idea nonetheless.

The current orphans are filling the shoes well!  They seem to be enjoying themselves and are certainly working hard.  Watch out, though…  I fear we’ve sent 50 new pickpockets into the world.

Imogene’s Transformation…

This week we finished blocking the last scene of the play and did our first full run through!  Time is flying.  My favorite moment was watching Imogene’s transformation from tough girl to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  In my opinion, it is the climax of the play and Kat Fishback, who plays Imogene, does such a beautiful job with it.  (Am I giving the play away?  Everyone knows this story, right?)

I took a peek at remaining tickets for opening weekend and we are almost sold out for opening night of both casts!  How fun to have a full crowd to kick off the run and the holiday season!

Almost done!

I cannot believe we have just two more blocking rehearsals and we are into run throughs already! What a great rehearsal week we’ve had!  I have had a blast directing these amazing kids.  It’s going fabulous!  One of my favorite moments so far was listening to 85 children sing at our first  music rehearsal.  Candice Kugler, our very talented music director, did an amazing job with the kids.  I got chills! 

Another truly entertaining moment was when Gladys (Emma Thomas) takes out Rosie (Lindsay Haslam and Bryn Nielsen) who is 3 times her size!    

Don’t wait!  Get your tickets now for this holiday gem!

Check out the youtube links below for sneak peak at our amazing cast!



Best Christmas Rehearsals Rock!

Rehearsals have just started and I’m so excited to work with such a talented group of kids! Last night was the first night with the Herdmans and these kids are going to have the audience laughing!  It was pretty funny when Ollie and Leroy did a “chest bump” to be cool and Leroy ended up falling into the shepherds and angels.

What amazes me is the patience of our director and stage manager.  Kim and Jen have taken on a HUGE endeavor to work with over 90 kids under the age of 16.  That’s what I LOVE about SJCT – their amazing ability to include as many children as possible.  Here’s hoping that today’s first rehearsal with all 90+ of them goes smoothly.

Now back to memorizing lines!