ELA Extra Credit

There are many ways to get extra credit:

Performance Critique (25 points/2 1/2 days participation): Go see a play/musical and write a one page, typed performance report (what worked, what didn’t work, and would you recommend it. Do not summarize the storyline). A great to place to see what plays are going on: Backstage Utah or Now Playing Utah

Come see Improvinators (25 points/2 1/2 days participation): No report, just check in with me at the performance.
Performances: August 26 in the Black Box at ELA at 8p.
Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in advance on this website (just click “Buy Tickets” at the top of this page).
Performance Length: 2 hours
Age Recommendation: 10 and older

Being in a Play/Musical (50 points/5 days participation): Let me know if you are cast in a play/musical! Bring me your program and you will get credit in the the quarter you perform.
Want to find out about auditions? Go to Backstage Utah