ELA Legacy Audience Seats

We are so excited to announce that we are ready to begin selling the EARLY LIGHT ACADEMY AUDIENCE LEGACY SEATS! Want to leave a legacy in our new theatre? Just pick the seats you want named after you, your family, company, or loved one and woo-la! You will forever be remembered as a contributor to this amazing new adventure!

Prices range from $75-$350. It’s easy:

1. Click on “Buy Tickets” at the top of the page
3. Then pick the seat/s you want in your name!

100% of the profit will go to this beautiful new building to make it even more amazing! And you will be invited to a grand opening gala in September to celebrate the theatre’s opening!

From the bottom of our hearts at Early Light Academy and Kensington Theatre: Thank you!

Sydney Young
Director, Early Light Academy

Toni Butler
Theatre/Crew Teacher, Early Light Academy
President, Kensington Theatre Company