ELA’s Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast banner

Early Light Academy’s School Musical, Beauty and the Beast Jr!

Come enjoy this “tale as old as time” with ELA’s amazing students!

The Beauty and the Beast Feast

There will be a Beauty and the Beast feast with Belle and the Beast for children ages 8 and younger on October 8 from 10:30a-12:30p.
Included in the feast will be a dance lesson from Belle, a beast lesson from the Beast, a lunch, a gift and a matinee ticket to the show at 1p the same day: $25. Registration for the Feast is now open. Submit your payment and registration form to the main office at ELA.

Ticket Info:

Tickets are $8 each
Just click “Buy Tickets” at the top of this page.
Our Ticket Policy: No refunds. No babies (under 3) are allowed in the theatre. You can exchange tickets with 48 notice and $2/each ticket. Everyone entering the theatre must have a ticket (no sitting on laps).

Cast A will perform: October 6, 8 (1p), 10, 13
Cast B will perform: October 7, 8 (7p), 11, 14

Beauty and the Beast Cast List:

  • BelleAvienne James
  • BeastChris Paepke
  • MauriceKazden Hawthorne
  • GastonMilo Mozaffari
  • LefouCaleb Rose
  • Silly Girl 1Jayden Knight
  • Silly Girl 2Maddy Stovall
  • Silly Girl 3Darci Brumfield
  • LumiereGabe Lotz
  • CogsworthMadden Fronce
  • Mrs. PottsAubrey Sims
  • BabetteAmelia Bradstreet
  • Madame De La Brande BoucheSavanah Cobb
  • ChipIsaac Walker
  • Old Beggar/Enchantress/FlatwareRaegan Schmidt
  • Monsieur D’ArqueTimon Burns
  • Aristocratic Lady/FlatwareElena Downs
  • Fish Man/FlatwareMyles Simoncini
  • Egg Man/FlatwareJared Escobar
  • Sausage Girl/FlatwareEllie Bearden
  • Baker/FaltwareAdam Willis
  • Lady with Cane/FlatwareCynthia Bushman
  • Lady with Baby/FlatwareMcKenzie Ray
  • Candle Man/FlatwareIsaac Peterson
  • Hat Seller/FlatwareBrodie Ririe
  • Milkmaid/FlatwareEmily Michaelson
  • Shepherd Boy/FlatwareJonah Walker
  • Bookseller/FlatwareJennifer Larson
  • Butcher/FlatwareDillon Mabey
  • Villager 1/FlatwareAbby Berry
  • Villager 2/FlatwareJoshua Rangel
  • Villager 3/FlatwareMara Elggren
  • Male Villager solo/FlatwareJace Curtis
  • Female Villager solo/FlatwareJosie Clawson
  • Wolves/GargoylesJared Escobar, Maxton Lakey, Myles Simoncini
  • Wolves/GargoylesBroden Ririe, Isaac Butler, Adam Lynn

Villagers/Flatware Cast A:

Allison, Liam
Andersen, Aubrey
Barr-Allen, Sara
Burns, Duncan
Burt, Lyndsey
Campbell, Calise
Clawson, Sophie
Elgren, Anna
Gardner, Shelby
Heninger, Robyn
Hernandez, Frederick
Hewlett, Romney
Hewlett, Redford
Ingles, Aubrie
Knight, Kelsi
Lakey, Natalie
Lau, Alexandra
Lund, Emma
Lynn, Ruby
McDougall, Emma
Montague, Ava
Montague, Dakota
Rangel, Jacob
Rasmussen, Brenner
Ray, McKenzie
Roper, Ruth
Schlenz, Brie
Stovall, Maddy
Tatum, Dempsey
Tew, Ethan
Willis, Kira
Woodworth, Carter
Yen, Adelyn

Villagers/Flatware Cast B:

Anderson, Lilly
Berry, Elliott
Bourne, Brooklyn
Brumfield, Kade
Bushman, Cynthia
Butler, Sayla
Cannon, Sarah
Carone, Andrew
Freston, Ava
Gardner, Kaitlyn
Hathorne, Kyler
Holmes, Abigail
Holmes, Lilly
Holmes, Logan
Kerr, Megan
Kugler, Faith
Larsen, Ashley
Larson, Courtney
Lotz, Cagney
Miller, Eowyn
Miller, Saylor
Noyes, Isabella
Noyes, Molli
Preece, Emily
Presler, Lucy
Rogers, Madilyn
Rogers, Sam
Sharp, Lincoln
Sharp, Quincy
Staib, Joseph
Stark, Ellie
Stark, Tyson
Stark, Zoie
Tueller, Ava
Villagomez, Seila
Villagomez, Siara
Walsman, Nicole
Wittwer, Scarlet