Les Miserables, School Edition

Come see Les Miserables by the most amazing youth with a live, 30 piece orchestra! We are using this production as a fundraiser to earn $30,000 for a lighting system. Consider donating to Kensington Theatre when you buy your tickets, become a sponsor, buy a seat in honor of a special some one… our Box Office (801-382-9328) is anxiously waiting to help you be a part of Kensington Theatre!

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Performance Information:

Tickets: $12 online/through our Box Office or $15 at the door. Assigned Seating. Just click “Buy Tickets” at the top of this page.
Ticket Policy: No refunds, No babies 3 or under will be allowed in the theatre, tickets can be exchanged with 48 notice for $2/ticket, everyone entering the theatre must have a ticket.
Age Recommendation: 10+
Content Warning: Swearing, prostitution, death, guns
Approximate Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes (including a 10 minute intermission)

Les Miserables 2016 Cast List:

  • Jean ValjeanJacob Ericksen
  • JavertGeoff Beckstrand
  • FantineCarrie Scherbel
  • ThenardierTevan McPeak
  • Madame ThenardierBailey Means
  • MariusTanner Tate
  • CosetteLily Graham
  • Little CosetteSayla Butler
  • EponineAbby Walker
  • Little EponineBreanna Arsenault
  • GavrocheLincoln Sharp
  • Little GavrocheCordon Johnson, Lincoln Johnson
  • EnjolrasAaron Fowlks
  • Bishop of DigneDallin Theriault
  • Chain GangAll Male Teens
  • Petit GervaisIsaac Walker
  • Constable 1Clayton Sharp
  • Constable 2Benjamin McMullin
  • Constable 3Drew Ellermeier
  • GrantaireJake Watt
  • CourfeyracClayton Sharp
  • CombeferreNathan Fielding
  • FeuillyGrant Alston
  • JolySeth Lawrence
  • LesglesBenjamin McMullin
  • ProuvaireHunter Johnson
  • Student ScoutTyler Ross
  • FarmerGrant Alston
  • LaborerSeth Lawrence
  • LaborersBlake Ririe, Dallin Theriault,
  •  Drew Ellermier, Emerson Hymas,
  •  Henry Riker, JD Tolley, Justin Francis
  • Onlooker 1Ruth Barnum
  • Onlooker 2Henry Riker
  • Onlooker 3Shayla Wimmer
  • JudgeDrew Ellermeier
  • Mistaken Jean ValjeanStephan Parkinson
  • ForemanJD Tolly
  • Factory Girl 1Shayla Wimmer
  • Factory Girl 2Veronica Kyker
  • Factory Girl 4Annie Bearden
  • Factory Girl 5April Kerr
  • Factory Worker 1Roslyn Reeves
  • Factory Worker 2Caitlin Ball
  • Factory Women’s EnsembleBrittany Belnap, Emma Keuhl
  •  McKinley Gunther, Ruth Barnum
  • Old WomanCasie Bearden
  • Sailor 1Jacob Ericksen
  • Sailor 2Tanner Tate
  • Sailor 3Geoff Beckstrand
  • Lovely LadiesAbby Hambleton, Abilene Kugler, Amella Pena,
  •  Brooklyn Allison, Lydia Butler, Rachel Jolly,
  •  Sarah Jensen, Siena Johnson, Sydney Peebler, Josie Smart
  • BamataboisTevan McPeak
  • FauchelevanMitch Potter
  • StudentsBlake Ririe, Dallin Theriault,
  •  Drew Ellermeier, Emerson Hymas,
  •  Henry Riker, JD Tolley, Justin Francis
  • Gavroche’s GangAbigail Riker, Benjamin Olsen,
  •  Breanna Arsenault, Emma Olsen, Isaac Butler,
  •  Isaac Walker, Jennica Olsen, Jonah Walker,
  •  Kaylee Arsenault, Kira Willis, Quincey Sharp,
  •  Rachel Scherbel, Samantha Means, Sayla Butler
  • Beggar 1Kaitlin Oar
  • Beggar 2McKinley Gunther
  • Beggar 3Emma Keuhl
  • BabetDallin Theriault
  • BrujonHenry Riker
  • ClaquesousBlake Ririe
  • MontparnasseStephan Parkinson
  • Army OfficerAustin Ramsey
  • Major DomoEmerson Hymus
  • End of the Day EnsembleStudents, Children, Abigail Parkinson,
  •  Anna Elkins, Anna Humphrey, Eva Roach,
  •  India Prazen, Jalin Johnstone, Julia Maddalone,
  •  Kaitlyn Oar, Kate Zander, Megan Walstrom,
  •  Rachel Wiess, Sarah Medieros, Sarah Unsworth,
  •  Sierra Detton, Susanna Smart
  • Beggars/Look Down EnsembleFull Cast
  • Innkeeper SongAll Teens
  • The People’s SongAll Teens
  • One Day MoreFull Cast
  • Drink with MeAll Students, Gavroche,
  •  Abby Hambleton, Abilene Kugler, Amella Pena,
  •  Brooklyn Allison, Lydia Butler, Rachel Jolly,
  •  Sarah Jensen, Siena Johnson, Sydney Peebler, Josie Smart
  •  Shayla Wimmer, Veronica Kyker, Annie Bearden
  •  Casie Bearden, April Kerr, Roslyn Reeves,
  •  Caitlin Ball
  • TurningAll Girls (Teen and Children)
  • The Wedding GuestsAbby Hambleton, Abilene Kugler, Amella Pena,
  •  Brooklyn Allison, April Kerr, Lydia Butler,
  •  Sarah Jensen, Siena Johnson, Sydney Peebler,
  •  Benjamin McMullin, Clayton Sharp, Dallin Theriault,
  •  Grant Alston, Hunter Johnson, Justin Francis,
  •   Nathan Fielding, Seth Lawrence, Tyler Ross
  • FinaleFull Cast

Les Miserables, 2016 Production Info:

  • Cast List: Posted by 8a on Monday, April 25.
  • Rehearsals: First Rehearsal April 25, 7-9p in the Theatre at ELA. Rehearsals are generally M-Th, 6-10p and Saturdays, 9a-5p. Rehearsals increase in June.
  • Conflicts: If you have ANY conflicts in June, Please DO NOT REGISTER. There will be no rehearsal on June 1, 2, 3 and over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Performances: June 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27, July 1 and July 2, 2016

Les Miserables, 2012:

Les Miserables performed June 15-26, 2012 at Early Light Academy.

What people said about the last Les Mis:

I didn’t expect it to be THAT good!

I understood Les Mis better than I ever have before.

I was blown away!

Where did these kids come from?! I have never seen that many talented teenagers in the same space together.

My kids (7, 9, 11) sat mesmerized the whole show, completely engaged

Review by Jason Hewlett, Entertainer

Director’s Note from Les Miserables, 2012:

Every play begins with a director’s vision; what do we want our audiences to experience when they come and see our version of Les Miserables? My vision first focused on the color red and all the intense emotions it represents: sacrifice, forgiveness, love. Then I focused on this quote from the novel by Victor Hugo:

There is a point when the infamous and the unfortunate are associated and confused in a word, a mortal word, les miserables; whose fault is it? And then, when the fall is the furthest, is that not when charity should be the greatest?

I combined red and this quote for my final vision: throughout the play you will see these moments of “les miserables” punctuated with a red cloth filled with intense emotions that will pass from one character to the next. I hope leaving our production you will be inspired in your moments of “les miserables” to show this great charity and to embrace the intense red emotions we are so blessed to feel: to sacrifice, to forgive, to love!

This is one of the most amazing directing experiences I have ever had! The cast entered auditions with a tangible energy I have never seen before. The production team, cast, crew, and orchestra met the challenges and intensity of this beloved musical with an optimistic ambition… and I believe they will exceed any expectation you had entering this theatre. Enjoy our experience of Les Miserables… we certainly won’t forget it!

~Toni Butler, Director

Les Miserables Trailer from 2012:

Cast List of Les Miserables, 2012

  • Army OfficerDallin Remund
  • BabetIsaac Smith
  • BamataboisSam Pulsipher
  • Beggar 1Bryn Nielson
  • Beggar 2Lindsay Haslam
  • Beggar 3Stephanie Lucero
  • Bishop of DigneMcKay Jenkins
  • BrujonCaden Lindquist
  • Bystander 1Max Ivory
  • Bystander 2Mary Izatt
  • ClaquesousEli Smith
  • Constable 1Bryson Walker
  • Constable 2Caleb Walker
  • CombeferreBryson Walker
  • Convict SolosAlex Galura, Sam Pulsipher, Zac Troff,
  •  Michael Butler, Ryan Jenson, Dallin Remund
  • CosetteMegan Williams
  • CourferacCaleb Walker
  • EnjolrasSpencer Sharp
  • EponineSarah Keuhl
  • Factory Girl 1Chelsea Francis
  • Factory Girl 2Anna Galura
  • Factory Girl 4Cassandra Kerr
  • Factory Girl 5Ashley Bullough
  • Factory WomenLindsay Haslam, Lauren Heath, Annie Beckstrand,
  •  Riley Conover, Kiersha Galloway, Emma Clark,
  •  Michelle Stanely, Elena Stanley, Camille Perkins
  • FantineAmberlee Merrill
  • FarmerIsaac Smith
  • FauchelevanRyan Jenson
  • Featured Women’s EnsembleBailey Means, Megan Marshall, Naquela Barlow
  •  Chelsea Francis, Clara Cummings, Anna Galura,
  •  Cassandra Kerr, Megan Remund, Olivia Smith,
  •  Annie Wimmer, Lily Graham, Brielle Booth
  • FeuillyDallin Remund
  • ForemanAustin Ramsey
  • GavrocheGeoff Beckstrand
  • Gavroche’s GangGracie Otto, Henry Riker, Seth Lawrence,
  •  Justin Francis, Kayla Bowen, Mary Izatt,
  •  Zac Topham, Bethany Merrill, Ashley Galura,
  •  Ian Means, Shalya Wimmer, Maggie Scott, Veronica Kyker
  • GrantaireJake Wimmer
  • JavertCurtis Nelson
  • Jean ValjeanLogan Bingham
  • JolyAustin Ramsey
  • JudgeIan Sudbury
  • LaborerAustin Ramsey
  • LaborersIan Sudbury, Dante Long, James Ford
  •  Eli Smith, Michael Dudley
  • LesglesDevan Alder
  • Little CosetteMaggie Scott
  • Little Cosette UnderstudyVeronica Kyker
  • Lovely Lady 1Ashely Bullough
  • Lovely Lady 2Anna Galura
  • Lovely Lady 3Niquela Barrow
  • Madame ThenardierCece Otto, Cassandra Kerr
  • Major DomoIan Sudbury
  • MariusMax Wimmer
  • Mistaken Jean ValjeanSam Pulsipher
  • Mistaken Jean Valjean’s DaughtersAshtyn Smith, Bethany Merrill
  • Mistaken Jean Valjean’s WifeKaylie Russell
  • MontparnasseJake Watt
  • Old WomanOlivia Smith
  • Onlooker 1Zac Troff, Michael Butler
  • Onlooker 2Michael Dudley
  • Onlooker 3Megan Remund
  • ProuvaireAlex Galura
  • Sailor 1McKay Sharp
  • Sailor 2Zac Troff, Michael Butler
  • Sailor 3Jake Watt
  • Sentry 1Austin Ramsey
  • Sentry 2Caden Lindquist
  • ThenardierZac Troff, Michael Butler
  • TuttiSam Pulsipher
  • WomanMichelle Stanley
  • Worker 1Anna Bodily
  • Women’s EnsembleKowhai Anderson, Camille Beck, Gabrielle Binns,
  •  Whitney Brown, Emily Bullough, Ellie Campbell,
  •  Aspen Clark, Faith Cook, Lauren Houston,
  •  Rachel Jolley, Katelyn Merrill, Smantha Pinnock,
  •  Andrea Rivera, Emily Schaefer, Katie Telford,
  •  Ashlyn VerHoef

Production Team

  • DirectorToni Butler
  • ProducerKimberly Bradstreet
  • Music DirectorErin Walker
  • Assistant Music DirectorsAmy Gwilliams, Art Moore, Kimberly Wimmer
  • Orchestra DirectorArt Moore
  • Technical Director Bryce Bodily
  • Stage ManagerAnnie Brantley
  • CostumerSteve Schmid
  • Assistant CostumersLisa Means, Mollie Remund
  • Prop MistressKayla Bowen
  • Set DesignKevin Dudley
  • DramaturgKatie Pulsipher Brown
  • Art DirectorBecca Rodgers
  • Sound DesignPaul Butler
  • Master CarpenterBryce Bodily
  • AccountingButler Financial Group
  • PublicityAndrea Scott
  • ConcessionsChris and Angela Merrill
  • Box Office ManagerCandice Kugler


  • WoodwindsLani Gailey, Katie Hilton, Emily Suckow, Sara Carlock
  • Woodwinds 2Jessica Rice
  • Horns 1, 2Melody Mercer, Ashton Pease
  • Trumpet 1, 2Nathan Swallow
  • TromboneErik Anderson, Kolbe James
  • Bass Trombone Aaron Anderson
  • Keyboards 1, 2 ,3Kim Wimmer, Ami Swallow
  • HarpKeri Riker
  • DrumsBion Wimmer
  • PercussionAmy Stutznegger
  • ViolinsMichelle Willis, Linsey Bennett
  •  Jen Hansen, Ammon Oliphant, Lahni Castellano
  • ViolasEmily Boynton, Leannah Castellano
  • CellosMiranda Moore, Whiteny Worthen,
  •  Ashely Sayre, Lincoln Oliphant, Lahni Castellano, Theres Sanford
  • GuitarStuart Duff
  • BassSam Worthen