Characters and Song Samples now posted… come get to know these amazing characters in this touching musical!

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Princess Academy, an Original Kensington Musical!

Based on the Newbery Honor winning novel Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, Kensington brings this heart-warming tale of self-discovery to the our main stage in December.

Princess Academy Auditions:

Auditions: September 15, 2016, 6-10p
Please prepare to sing 16 bars from a musical or a 30 second monologue from a play, bring a signed audition form (posted here September 1), and sign up for a time slot beginning September 1, 2016.

Ages: 8 to 70! (a family musical!)
Performances: Dec. 9, 10 12, 16, 17, 19, 20 & 21, 2016 at 7p and Dec. 10 and 17 at 1p

Samples of Songs for Princess Academy:

These are sample of Songs from this original musical.
Music and Lyrics by Katie Brown
Arranged by Michelle Willis

Useless (sung by Miri’s Character) arranged and sung by Mike Bearden
His Flower (sung by Miri’s character)
A Different Kind of Me (sung by the Katar”s character)
A House with Shutters Closed (Sung by Doter’s character)
Floating Under Water (sung by Miri and Peder’s characters)
My Little Dream (sung by Britta’s character)
Working Song (Sung by Villagers)
Spring Holiday (sung by Os and Villagers)

Princess Academy Characters:


YOUNG MIRI – Age: 8. Vocal Range: Low B flat – B flat. Young Miri yearns to work in the quarry like the other children her age. She has deep love for her father.

MIRI LARENDAUGHTER – Age: 14-15. Vocal Range: Low G – High G. The main character of the musical. She is a small, skinny 14-year-old girl. Her Pa has never allowed her to work with all the rest of the villagers in the quarry, which has led her to feel “useless” and unwanted. But she tries to cover this up with lots of spunk and playfulness. She yearns to feel accepted and appreciated – especially by her Pa. She is strong, brave, and compassionate – standing up for her rights and the rights of the other girls at the academy. Must be a very strong singer and actress.

MARDA – Age: 17-18. Vocal Range: Any – no solos. A quiet, loving older sister. She has always gone to work in the quarry while Miri had to stay home.

PA (LAREN) – Age: 40s. Vocal Range: Low B flat – B flat. (Could be tenor or bass) Miri and Marda’s Pa. He lost their mother in a quarry accident when Miri was born, and he carries deep wounds from that loss. He is very strong, but with a mild, low voice, and a man of few words. Miri has never heard him speak much above a whisper. Deep love for Miri and Marda. He would do anything for them.

PEDER DOTERSON – Age: 15-16. Vocal Range: Low A flat to High F. Miri’s best friend since childhood. Lately he and Miri have both begun to feel more strongly for each other, but both are afraid to show it. He is playful and teasing. But he also dreams of doing more with his life – he loves to carve shapes in the linder and wants to become a linder artist instead of just a quarry worker. Sings “Floating Underwater” and “A Wedge Beside My Heart.” Must be a strong singer and actor.

DOTER – Age: 40s. Vocal Range: Alto. Low G to High C. Esa and Peder’s mother. Known for her wise sayings and tough trading. She has a warm, solid voice and a commanding presence. No one argues with her. She has been a mother figure for Miri, and she tells Miri the story of how Miri’s mother died. Sings “A House with Shutters Closed.”

OS – Age: 40s-50s. Vocal Range: Low B to High C. (Could be tenor or bass) Gerti’s father. Large and bearded. One of the village leaders – he has a commanding presence. He is the negotiator in the fight with the bandits. Known for his temper. He sings the solo in “Spring Holiday.”

JIN – Age: 40s-50s. Vocal Range: Any – no solos. Katar’s father. His wife died giving birth to Katar. Bitter and distrustful.

PEDER’S FATHER, FRID’S FATHER, FRID’S MA – Age: 40s-50s. Vocal range: Any – no solos. Some short spoken lines.

JANS, ALMOND, and LEW – some of the older teenage boys Peder hangs out with. No spoken lines. May sing solos in “A Wedge Beside My Heart.” Vocal Range: D to High E flat.

OTHER VILLAGERS – More mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, etc. Strong singing and dancing, but no spoken lines.

BENA- Age: 17-18. Vocal Range: Low A – High D. One of the older girls who dislike Miri for learning so quickly. She is friends with Liana at first, but they fight over their opinion of the Prince. Bickering. She leads the group that refuses to follow Miri in running from the bandits at first.

LIANA – Age: 17-18. Vocal Range: Low A – High D. Another of the older girls who dislike Miri at first, but by the end she tells Miri she should have voted for her for Academy Princess. She is acknowledged the prettiest girl in the village and is a bit vain. Friends with Bena at first, then they disagree over their opinion of the Prince.

ESA – Age: 14-15. Vocal Range: Low A – High D. Peder’s sister. Miri’s friend. She is slender and has an injured left arm that she can’t use. She is very thoughtful and fair. She wants to learn more.

FRID – Age: 16-17. Vocal Range: D – High D. Miri’s friend. She has an expression of near-constant wonderment and is very strong – nearly as broad-shouldered and thick-armed as any of her six big brothers. She seems simple, but has deep thoughts and feelings. She has never lied before – very straightforward and trusting.

BRITTA PAWELDAUGHTER- Age: 15-16. Vocal Range: Low A – High E flat. Britta is a lowlander girl who was brought up to Mount Eskel on a cart with a note claiming that her parents were dead and that she was related to a family in the village. lowlander girl. She is delicate, with ruddy cheeks, and finds it hard to fit in with the quarry workers because she is not used to their culture and traditions. She is kind and thoughtful, but not confident. Becomes Miri’s best friend at the Academy. She sings “My Little Dream.”

KATAR JINSDAUGHTER – Age: 16-18. Vocal Range: Low A – High D. A brusque older girl, Katar becomes Miri’s rival for being top student and is determined to be chosen as the future princess. Deliberately setting herself apart from other girls, Katar comes across as snobbish and spiteful. It is eventually revealed that Katar had lost her mother shortly after she was born, but unlike Miri, she felt unloved by her father. As a result, she wishes to leave Mount Eskel no matter what, even if it means marrying the prince despite her lack of interest in him. She sings “A Different Kind of Me” and “Being a Princess.”

GERTI – Age: Barely 12-13. Vocal Range: D – High D. The youngest of the girls at the academy, Gerti gets in trouble for saying she doesn’t understand letters. She hears Miri’s quarry-speech plea for help when Miri is locked in the closet with a rat.

JETTA – Age: 13-14. Vocal Range: D – High D. A couple lines and song lines.

JETAR – Age: 12-14 Vocal Range: E flat – High D. Gerti’s friend. A couple lines and song lines.

TONNA – Vocal Range: Low B – High D. A couple lines and song lines.

HELTA – Age: 12-13. Vocal Range: E flat – High D. A couple lines and song lines.

GIRL 1 – one-line musical solo: E to High D.

GIRL 2 – one-line musical solo: G to high D.


TRADERS 1 and 2: Look down on lowlanders. Teasing and sneering. Any age or vocal range.

ENRIK: The trader who usually deals with Miri. Sarcastic. Any age or vocal range.


CHIEF DELEGATE – Age: 30s-60s. Any vocal range. The highest representative of Danland’s provinces. Pompous.

SOLDIER 1 – Age: 50s-60s. Any vocal range. Older than Miri’s Pa, hard faced, tall. But mature and understanding.

SOLDIER 2 – Age: 17-18. Called “a dressed-up boy.” On his first soldiering assignment. Trying to be tough and intimidating. Any vocal range.

OLANA MANSDAUGHTER: Age: 30s-50s. Vocal Range: Low A to A. Tall and lean, sunken cheeks, hair flat on the end like a chisel. Extremely strict and demanding. Looks down on the mountain girls and insults and belittles them, though she claims (in the book) that it was only to inspire them to work hard. However, she gives (grudging) praise where it is due and is willing to negotiate fairer terms with the girls.

PRINCE STEFFAN: Age: 18. Any vocal range. Seems proud, reserved, and distant – but only at first. He is pleasant and playful when he lets his guard down.

PRIEST – Any age or vocal range.
THE PRINCE’S PARTY – Additional musicians, servants, personal guards, delegates, courtiers, etc.

(Fifteen men – all with untidy beards and dirty faces. None as large as most Mount Eskel men. All bandits can be any age or vocal range.)

BANDIT 1 – chases down Miri. Thinks the girls are creepy.

BANDIT 2 – Deferential to Dan, but uneasy about being trapped on Mount Eskel.

DAN – leader of the bandits. The largest of them (though not as large as the Mount Eskel fathers), low, raw voice. Violent temper. He alternates between speaking in a mock-friendly, singsong voice and screaming with rage. When cooped up in the Academy, he has to get out of the room for a while to keep himself from killing one of the girls just to relieve his tension. Refuses to negotiate or release any of the girls. Must be a truly scary, intimidating villain.

DOGFACE – Has a thick, jagged scar from one side of his mouth up to his ear. One of Dan’s top men. Sinister joking.

ONOR – Dan’s lieutenant. A short, hairy man. Tries to keep Dan’s temper under control. Stays with Dan until the very end.

ONE-EYED BANDIT – Frightened of Mount Eskel’s secrets. The first to abandon Dan.

Princess Academy Summary:

High on the side of rocky Mount Eskel, far from the valleys where gardens are green and lush, where lowlanders make laws, Miri’s family has lived forever, pounding a living from the stone of the mountain itself. For as long as she can remember, Miri has dreamed of working alongside the other villagers in the quarries of her beloved mountainside. But Miri has never been allowed to work there, perhaps, she thinks, because she is so small.

Then word comes from the valley that the king’s priests have divined Mount Eskel to be the home of the prince’s bride-to-be—the next princess. The prince himself will travel to the village to choose her, but first all eligible girls must attend a makeshift mountain academy to prepare themselves for royal lowlander life.

At the school, Miri soon finds herself confronted by bitter competition among the girls and her own conflicting desires to be chosen by the prince. Yet when danger comes to the academy and threatens all their lives, it is Miri, named for a tiny mountain flower, who must find a way to save her classmates—and the one chance to leave the mountain each of them is determined to secure as her own.

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