Disney’s Tarzan

Registration opens in January, 2015

  • Performances: June, 2015. (exact dates TBD)
  • Registration: $100 (includes audition boot camps, cast t-shirt and one amazing experience!). Registration will open January, 2015
  • Ages: 15-19
  • Cast Limit: 30 boys and 30 girls will be able to register to be in Tarzan! This guarantees them a place in Tarzan. Then they can choose to either be in the chorus or audition for a main part in April, 2015. 10 more girls and 10 more boys will be able to audition into the cast through the auditions in April, 2015. Those that make it into the cast through auditions will receive a scholarship for the experience.
  • Ages 10-14: 10-15 kids will also be included in the cast for the younger Tarzan, Terk and Monkeys. These kids will audition in April, 2014. Any 10-14 year-olds cast will receive a scholarship to be in the production.

Theatre School, 2014

Registration opens in January, 2015

  • Registration Deadline: May 31, 2015. ($10 late fee after May 31)
  • Cost: $100 (includes musical theatre class, acting class, Theatre School t-shirt, and snacks
  • Ages: 5-12 (must be the correct age during Theatre School)
  • Conflicts: If you have conflicts, please do not register.

TEEN Theatre School STAFF, 2015

Applications accepted beginning January, 2015!

  • Application Form: Please submit through email to
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2015.
  • Scholarship: $75 (to be used for Utah Theatre Association Registration in January, 2016 or The Teen Musical Theatre Experience in June, 2016)
  • Ages: 13-19 (must be the correct age during Theatre School)
  • Conflicts: If you have conflicts, you will not be hired.

Really, really want to be part of the next show? Great! If you can sew, paint, hammer a nail or drive a screw, there’s always tons to do! Visit our volunteer page to find out more!