Disney’s High School Musical

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Directors’ Note

Achieving unity amidst diversity is a challenge at any stage of a persons life. Yet each of us brings something to the table, to help the others to grow. High School Musical is the essence of this concept. The play takes you back the adventure and excitement of high school; a place where one is faced with discovering who they are and where they fit in. Often this self discovery results in cliques. We see this attitude equally displayed by the students and the adults. To break free from this status quo and achieve togetherness, there has to be one brave enough to withstand the criticism that will come to him or her and lead the way. When this occurs and people come together with a common purpose, in spite of their differences, there grows tremendous strength and unity and the impossible becomes possible! We are thankful to be a part of this production and work with such an amazing group of kids. Go Wildcats!

~Julia Bennion and Jill Green

Production Team

  • DirectorsJulia Bennion, Jill Green
  • ProducerToni Butler
  • Assistant ProducerKimberly Bradstreet
  • Technical DirectorKevin Dudley
  • ChoreographersJill Green and Kate
  • Music DirectorLindsee Thomas
  • Eash High Dance DirectorTuesday Siciliano
  • Stage ManagerLoni Clark
  • Art DirectorBret Ivory
  • CostumerQuinn Drake
  • Marketing DirectorDave Bradstreet
  • Box Office ManagerToni Butler
  • AccountantPaul Butler
  • House ManagerKelsey Moseley

Cast List

The Jocks

  • Troy BoltonMcKay May
  • Chad DanforthCurtis Nelson
  • Zeke BaylorZac Olsen
  • JasonJared Christensen
  • Other JocksMichael Butler, Toli Peckham

The Thespians

  • Sharpay EvansJessica Gifford
  • Ryan EvansDillon Ostlund
  • JamieAbby Cannon
  • SusanAmanda Cornia
  • CathyLaura Jacobsen
  • CyndraBrittney Dunford
  • Other ThespiansMadi Peterson, Shelby Summers

The Braniacs

  • Gabriella MontezRachel Keuhl
  • Taylor McKessieKatelyn Wood
  • Martha CoxLindsay Fenstermaker
  • KratnoffTrina McCarthy
  • Other BraniacsMorgan Doman, Kasey Grimshaw

The Skater Dudes

  • RipperMadi Zeller
  • MongoAimee Henline
  • Other Skater DudesAlyssa Roberts, Darcys Rivas

Other Students

  • Jack ScottJason Trump
  • Kelsi NeisonJessica Dudley
  • Wildcat CheerleadersAshley Bullough, Sydney Green, Roma Jones,
  •  Bonnie May, Megan Moser,
  •  Arika Pennington

The Adults

  • Ms. DarbusSarah Keuhl
  • Coach BoltonChris Dudley
  • Ms. TennyMaressa Bovee
  • ModeratorLaura Jacobsen


South Jordan Community Theatre High School Musical Troy


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