Director’s Note

“All I want, more than anything in the world, is to be like other kids… with folks of my own.” Annie’s optimistic journey to find her parents in the face of pessimistic times is one of the most beloved stories in musical theatre. How relevant her story is today! She continually finds the silver lining in her trials and never gives up. I love Warbuck’s discovery that “Something was Missing” is his life that seemed to have everything. What they both needed was each other… someone to “need me for me alone”.

We have enjoyed our journey creating Annie for you. I think along the way we too have found a “theatre family”. Enjoy the show and I hope you too find the silver lining in your lives “if not today, well then… tomorrow!”

~Toni Butler

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Production Team

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Cast List

  • An AnnouncerSeth Quealy
  • An UsheretteRachel Wooden
  • AnnetteKristie Miller
  • AnnieCece Otto
  • Annie UnderstudyAbby Walker
  • Apple SellerJessica Dudley
  • Artie, Man 2Andrew Hackman
  • Bert HealyJohn G. Wray
  • Betty, Woman 4Lindsay Thomas
  • Boylan SistersDawn Ramsey, Candace Hilton, Michelle Hanson
  • Bundles McCloskeyGrant Thomas
  • CecilleMichelle Stevenett
  • Cordell HullAaron Borg
  • DrakeSeth Quealy
  • DuffyMiranda Sanders
  • Eddie, Man 1Shaun Olsen
  • FDR, The PresidentBion Wimmer
  • Fracis PerkinsBrooke Pugmire
  • Fred McCrackenSeth Quealy
  • Grace FarrellErin Walker
  • Harold IckesPaul Pugmire
  • Henry MorgenthauAaron Borg
  • Ira, Man 3Jason Nielson
  • James, Man 4Grant Thomas
  • Jimmy JohnsonGrant Thomas
  • JulyLindsay Haslam
  • Justice BrandeisJohn G. Wray
  • Kaltenborn’s VoiceGrant Thomas
  • KateMadison Meyers
  • LilyJamie Lee
  • Louis HoweTony Miller
  • Lt. WardChristopher Enger
  • Maggie, Woman 3Molly Bohman
  • Mary, Woman 1Kelli Olsen
  • MaudeAbby Walker
  • Miss HanniganKristen Hickman
  • MollyAmelia Bradstreet
  • Mrs. GreerDebbie Skeele
  • Mrs. PughShirlene Greene
  • NBC PageKimberly Bradstreet
  • Oliver WarbucksAngel Shelbourne
  • Peggy, Woman 2 
  • PepperKayley Glauser
  • RoosterJohnny Hebda
  • Second CopTony Miller
  • SophieDebbie Skeele
  • Sound Effects ManAndrew Hackman
  • Star to BeAine Graham
  • TessieKathryn Hackman
  • WackySeth Quealy
  • OrphansAbby Rindlisbacher, Abby Walker, Abby West,
  •  Abilene Kugler, Addy Wray, Adrianna Bodily,
  •  Alyssa Wilson, Ashley Bushman, Ashey Stevenett,
  •  Bethany Merrill, Brynn Nielson, Emaline Jager,
  •  Emily Broadbent, Emily Shaw, Emma Keuhl,
  •  Emma Lowe, Emma Thomas, Gracie Otto,
  •  Isabella King, Jessica Alderman, Jillian Church,
  •  Kaitlyn Schriener, Katie Ann Powell, Kennedy Goch,
  •  Laura Johnson, Lily Graham, Lydia Butler,
  •  Maggie Scott, Merissa Fisher, Mikaylee Gray,
  •  Olivia Bradstreet, Ruth Mati, Sabrina Wilhite,
  •  Sarah Uluave, Sydney Green, Alison Critchfield,
  •  Alycia Douglas, Andra Veazie, Annie Wimmer,
  •  Ashton Smith, Aubrey Carter, Brianna Burke,
  •  Caitlin Bone, Courtney Evans, Ella Quealy,
  •  Emily Bohman, Emily Schaefer, Emily Tew,
  •  Emma Howard, Emma Mati, Isabella Hill,
  •  Kaeilani Hiller, Kamryn Miller, Karli Wheatley,
  •  Kate Zander, Katelyn Merrill, Lena Thometz,
  •  Lily Quealy, Lydia Carter, Madison Clark,
  •  Maleea Wallace, Megan Garside, Monica McCarthy,
  •  Pyper Hathorne, Rachel Olsen, Rebekah Olsen,
  •  Rosie Cannon, Saddie Scadden,
  •  Shayla Wimmer, Tara Bohman
  • Adult ChorusAine Graham, Candace Hilton, Dawn Ramsey,
  •  Debbie Skeele, Elaine Carter, Jessica Dudley,
  •  Kelli Olsen, Kristie Miller, Lindsay Thomas,
  •  Michelle Hanson, Michelle Stevenett, Molly Bohman,
  •  Rachael Wooden, Shaun Alderman, Shirlene Green,
  •  Aaron Borg, Andrew Hackaman, Christopher Enger,
  •  Grant Thomas, Jason Nielson, John G. Wray,
  •  Mark Stevenett, Paul Pugmire, Seth Quealy,
  •  Shaun Olsen, Tony Miller


  • Orchestra DirectorMichelle Willis
  • Rehearsal AccompanistJane Wilde
  • Reed 1Lori Green
  • Reed 2Sara Carlock
  • Reed 3Lynn Kenner, Camille
  • Reed 4Nacni Shino
  • Reed 5LeighAnne Duff
  • PianoJennifer Hansen
  • GuitarStuart Duff
  • PercussionKimberly Wimmer
  • DrumsBion Wimmer, Jay Wimmer
  • Trumpet 1 & 2Bob Jackman, Steve Rindlisbacher (sub Brent Rindlisbacher)
  • Trombone 1Aaron Anderson
  • Trombone 2Paul Anderson
  • TubaBob Dobson
  • ViolinKimberly Sanders, Debby Wetzel, Heidi Larsen
  • CelloJalina Graham
  • BassAlex Ewoniuk


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Warbucks, Grace, and Annie

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