The Secret Garden

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Director’s Note

The story of The Secret Garden is beautiful, timeless, and beloved by millions of people. At first, the characters are hard and miserable but through working and learning to love and care, they change right before your eyes into beautiful people. This musical version is my personal favorite rendition of The Secret Garden. It has been a joy to work with this amazing cast and crew and implement my vision for this production. I wanted each scene to feel like you are turning the page of another beautifully illustrated page in our story. Enjoy turning the pages of our play, witnessing the transformations that happen through sets, costumes, and especially to these beloved characters. “Come to our garden”!

~Toni Butler

Take a look at this beautiful production:

Production Team

  • DirectorToni Butler
  • Producer / Technical DirectorKevin Dudley
  • Music DirectorRachel Duff
  • Stage ManagerEmily Roberts
  • CostumerKeri Chadwick
  • ChoreographersToni Butler, Tony Miller
  • Props MistressKristen Hickman
  • Set DesignerKevin Dudley
  • Light DesignerRichard Payson
  • Sound DesignerPaul Butler
  • Master CarpenterBryce Bodily
  • Creative DirectorBret Ivory
  • Box Office ManagerCandice Kugler
  • AccountantPaul Butler
  • House ManagerCandice Kugler


In order of appearance.

  • Lily Craven (Colin’s mother)Amy Gwilliam
  • Mary LennoxMaggie Scott
  • Mary UnderstudyAddie Wray
  • Fakir*Carlos Cabarcas
  • Ayah*Kimberly Bradstreet
  • Rose Lennox (Mary’s mother)*Jill Bearden
  • Captain Albert Lennox (Mary’s father)*Jared Prazen
  • Lieutenant Peter Wright*David Newman
  • Margaret Wright*Sarah Dixon
  • Lieutenant Ian Shaw*John Wray
  • Anna Shaw*Kristen Wray
  • Major John Holmes*Chris Merrill
  • Claire Holmes*Arianne Benson
  • Major Thomas Shelly*Toni Miller
  • Margaret Shelly*Dawn Ramsey
  • Lieutenant James Walker*Aaron Borg
  • Alice Walker*Jeanne Erekson
  • Lieutenant George Davies*Eric Tolman
  • Minnie Davies*Afton Mower
  • Lieutenant Joseph Edwards*Paul Butler
  • Elizabeth Edwards*Alina Mower
  • Mrs. MedlockJulia Bennion
  • Dr. Neville Craven (Archibald’s brother)Steve Duke
  • Mr. PitcherJohn Bennion
  • JaneAlicia White
  • RuthAmy Barker
  • WilliamJohn Ripplinger
  • ClaraMonica Ripplinger
  • EmmaJessica Dudley
  • Archibald Craven (Mary’s uncle)Tyler Gwilliam
  • Martha (a chambermaid)Jamie Lee
  • Dickon (Martha’s brother)Kevin Quaderer
  • Ben (the gardner)Andrew Hackman
  • Colin Craven (Lily and Archibald’s son)Stockton Elwood
  • Colin Understudy / featured child soloistAustin Ramsey
  • Featured child soloistAbbey Rindlishbacher
  • Robin PuppeteerKatherine Hackman
  • Mrs. WinthropAlina Mower
  • Children in IndiaAnnie Bearden, Cole Prazen, Mikaylee Gray,
  • Lydia Butler, Austin Ramsey, Mary Izatt,
  • Hunter Ramsey Michael Dudley, Emily Schaefer,
  • Addie Wray, Lily Graham, Adrianne Bodily,
  • India Prazen, Katherine Hackman, Kadie Chadwick,
  • Samantha Chadwick, Karli Jensen,
  • Rebekah Newman, Abbey Rindlishbacher

*The Dreamers/Ghosts


  • Reed 1Sara Carlock
  • Reed 2Emily Beech
  • Reed 3Camille Calvert, Lynn Kenner, Liz Kenner
  • TrumpetSeth Housley
  • TromboneMark Johnston, Katy Johnston
  • Horn 1Lori Clark
  • Keyboard 1Jennifer Hansen
  • Keyboard 2Jane Wilde
  • Keyboard 3Jocelyn Harris


South Jordan Community Theatre The Secret Garden Ben and Mary

Ben and Mary

South Jordan Community Theatre The Secret Garden Archibald and Lily

Archibald and Lily