2012 Elementary Outreach: Captain Louie

Synopsis: A new Stephen Schwartz Musical (wrote music and lyrics for Wicked): Captain Louie is the story of a young boy on Halloween night who escapes into his own imagination as a means of coping with the loneliness he feels when he moves to a new neighborhood.

CAPTAIN LOUIE performed September-October, 2012 for over 10,000 children!

“I can’t believe how good Captain Louie was! It captivated the kids and was completely worthwhile. Too often assemblies can be a waste of class time but this was very worth while!”

~Daybreak Elementary School

Production Team

  • Director/ChoreographerToni Butler
  • ProducerMyrna Thomas
  • Music DirectorJill Bearden
  • Stage ManagerToni Butler
  • Sound OperatorPatrick Gibbs, Kristi Miller
  • Technical DirectorToni Butler
  • Master CarpentersGrant Thomas
  • CostumerAlina Mower
  • Assistant CostumerTheresa Sanford
  • PropsArianne Benson
  • Art DirectorToni Butler
  • Box OfficeCandice Kugler
  • AccountingButler Financial Group

Cast List

  • LouieGrant Thomas
  • AmyJill Bearden
  • RobertaArianne Benson
  • ZiggyAlina Mower
  • ArchieToni Butler
  • JulioTheresa Sanford
  • CatJack Bearden, Sayla Butler, Luci Sanford