Into the Woods

This touching musical is now closed. This family friendly Tony Award winning musical was one of the top votes by our community! Stephen Sondheim magically weaves together the Grimm’s fairy tales with comical and touching genius!


Performance Dates: March 16, 17, 24, 30, April 2, 5, 6 at 7:00 PM & April 7 (1 and 7 PM)
Place: Early Light Academy Main Stage (11709 S. Vadania Dr./5115 W.)

Director’s Note

Into the Woods attempts to answer the question: Can we hold on to happiness or is happiness fickle? How do we evaluate happiness? How do we know what we want? The woods are a metaphor for our journey. It is through getting to know who we really are, trial, adversity and success that we find ourselves… and the place we all find out who we are is in the woods. It is in finding out who we are, we discover happiness is not something to be possessed. Happiness is something we have a tangential brush with. It is through trial and error, success and failure that we have brief encounters with happiness. This production starts and an ends with a “wish” because once that wish is obtained there is yet another adventure ‘In the Woods’.
Kevin Dudley, Director
Into the Woods

Into the Woods Cast List

Mysterious Man
Chris Mower
Ray VanEperen
CinderellaArianne Benson
JackTate Christensen
Jack'’s MotherAnnadine Burrell
BakerAndrew Hackman
Baker’'s WifeRebekah Price
Cinderella'’s Step MotherSarah Giorgis-Pratt
FlorindaJessica Dudley
LucindaTheresa Sanford
Cinderella’'s FatherRichard Thomas
Little Red Riding HoodToni Butler
WitchJill Bearden
Cinderella’'s MotherMyrna Thomas
Wolf/Cinderella’'s PrinceRob Abney
Granny/GiantSue Ann Bodily
RapunzelAlina Mower
Rapunzel’'s PrinceDaniel Mower
StewardGrant Thomas
Snow WhiteTawni Lofgren
Sleeping BeautyAlyssa Ballash

Into the Woods Orchestra

Sierra Anderson
Emily Boynton
Jacob Bramble
Camille Calvert
Sara Carlock
Leigh Ann Duff
Jennifer Hansen
Kathleen Hobbs
Seth Housley
Kristen Kerr
Kayleen Pemberton
Ashley Sayre
Markus Sharette
Miles Sharette
Jonathan Stringer
Erin Weist
Jennifer Zeleny


Pictures from the Production