Let it Snow!

We had planned to go sledding for our cast party and kept waiting and waiting for the snow to come.  Our cast party motto was “Let it Snow!” and we thought lots of snowy thoughts.  Magically, it worked!  The snow came too late for Christmas, but not too late for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever cast party. 

It was a riot watching the hill filled with cast members sledding, laughing, conversing, and even “surf sledding” as I call it.  I loved seeing our own Reverand Hopkins in his Russian ushanka hat and catching random moments of a father hugging his daughter, a sister pulling her brother down the hill, a group of cast members giggling at the bottom of the hill, and friends racing against each other.  It was fun for all! 

We finished up afterwards watching the 1986 version of the story, drinking hot chocolate, eating a crazy amount of goodies, visiting, and playing some fun drama games.  Great party, fun group, yummy food = mission accomplished!

Backstage Fun…

Opening night was very fun.  We all sat back stage with either excitement or butterflies (or both) in our stomachs as we waited for the audience to come in.  There is just something magical about finally having an audience.  And before we knew it, it was time for the curtain call and the play was over!  Way to go yellow cast and I’m looking forward to another opening night with blue cast on Monday!

T-shirt craze!

T-shirts showed up last week and the kids were thrilled!  Most of the kids threw them on the moment they received it.  {And I have to admit, I was right there with them!}  It was kind of fun to have something to bond us together as a cast and I found myself spotting the t-shirts at school, in the neighborhood, and in rehearsal all week.  How fun!

Imogene’s Transformation…

This week we finished blocking the last scene of the play and did our first full run through!  Time is flying.  My favorite moment was watching Imogene’s transformation from tough girl to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  In my opinion, it is the climax of the play and Kat Fishback, who plays Imogene, does such a beautiful job with it.  (Am I giving the play away?  Everyone knows this story, right?)

I took a peek at remaining tickets for opening weekend and we are almost sold out for opening night of both casts!  How fun to have a full crowd to kick off the run and the holiday season!

Almost done!

I cannot believe we have just two more blocking rehearsals and we are into run throughs already! What a great rehearsal week we’ve had!  I have had a blast directing these amazing kids.  It’s going fabulous!  One of my favorite moments so far was listening to 85 children sing at our first  music rehearsal.  Candice Kugler, our very talented music director, did an amazing job with the kids.  I got chills! 

Another truly entertaining moment was when Gladys (Emma Thomas) takes out Rosie (Lindsay Haslam and Bryn Nielsen) who is 3 times her size!    

Don’t wait!  Get your tickets now for this holiday gem!

Check out the youtube links below for sneak peak at our amazing cast!