Theatre for Teens!

Mission Statement

Kensington’s Teen Advisory Board’ s (TAB’s) mission is to create opportunities for teens in theatre through performance, service, and education.

Kensington Teen Programs:

Musical Dance Theatre
Teen Boot Camp
Les Miserables, School Edition

Teen Activities in 2016:

We are beginning to plan 2017… tell a TAB member your ideas!

January: Register for Les Miserables/Teen Boot Camp!
March: Be a part of the Teen Staff for Theatre School, 2016 (application due December 23, 2015!)
April: Auditions for Les Miserables (must be registered to audition… registration opens January 1, 2016!)
May/June: Les Miserables, School Edition
July/Aug: Teen Boot Camp, 2016, Registration is extremely limited, opens January 1, 2016!
September: Auditions for an original Kensington production: The Princess Academy, a Musical
October/November/December: The Princess Academy
December: Perform at The Toni Awards, Date to be determined

Teen Advisory Board:

Brooklyn Allison
Caitlin Ball
Casie Bearden
Geoff Beckstrand
Lydia Butler
Rosie Cannon
Trenton Conover
Lily Graham
Kathryn Hackman
Abby Hambleton
Abilene Kugler
Tevan McPeak
Bailey Means
Austin Ramsey
Blake Ririe
Emily Schaefer
Chandler Turner
Abby Walker
Hannah Warden
Jake Watt

TAB Advisors: Jill Bearden, Toni Butler

If you are interested in being on TAB, email Toni ( TAB members must be a teen, a good leader, have great ideas, and love theatre! In your email (that the teen composes) include why you would be an amazing TAB Member!