Teen Boot Camp

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 11.34.05 AMTBC was designed to give teens an intensely memorable theatre experience. Think theatre school on steroids and that is TBC. Register… if you dare!

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(The Cast of TBC 2015. You were AMAZING!!)


From the TBC teens of 2015:

“TBC was incredibly unforgettable!”

“I really found myself personally as an actor this year!”

“TBC has made me excited to step outside my comfort zone. Thank you!”

“I wait all year for TBC!”

Applause from TBC Audiences:

“I am in shock… I had no idea what I was coming to see and I was blown away by all the talent… and in just three weeks!”

“This was the best thing I have seen since Les Miserables at Kensington Theatre!”

“I am speechless. That was one of the best things I have EVER seen! Thank you!”

The Teen Boot Camp is designed to be a rigorous theatre learning experience. It will be very challenging, quick paced, and demanding. One might describe it as Theatre School on steroids! If your teen has been aching to be a better actor, this intense program is the cure!

  • TBC, 2016 Dates: Class/Rehearsals August 2-5: 8a-11p & 8-11: 4p-11p, Performances: August 12 at 5p and 8p, August 13 at 12p, 4p, and 8p. If you have any conflicts, DO NOT REGISTER. You will be dropped with out a refund. Two Spots left for boys!
  • Registration is Now Open: Ages 15-18. $200: includes T-shirt, dog tags, cinch sack, headshots, two weeks of classes, 5 performances, and one amazing experience! Don’t wait to register, There are only spots for 10 boys (two spots left) and 10 girls. TBC girls is now sold out! If you want to be put on our waiting list, email contact@kensingtontheatre.org. There are no refunds on registration.
  • More Details on the Process of TBC: You register! (Don’t forget.. only 20 spots!) Then we have 4 pre-audition boot camps. In the first one we help you pick a monologue and a song for your audition in April. The next three are in Singing, Dancing, and Acting. Then on April 16 you audition with your super talented monologue/song/dance for the Directors. Don’t worry! You are in TBC, we just need to see you because (the best part) the audition helps us create a show all around your specific talents. On your audition form you even write down three of your dream roles to help us figure out what parts to put everyone in. We also take a professional headshot for you to use in the future and in the program of TBC’s performances. In June you are given an amazing script casting you in 4-5 scenes. You then get all of your scenes memorized by the first day of TBC! 3 weeks of super intense theatre… you won’t forget TBC!!!