If there’s one thing that we live for, it’s to entertain our audience and to share a quality theatre experience with them. We’ve consistently received outstanding reviews, all with a common theme: “I didn’t expect that!”  But don’t just take our word for it, read what everyone keeps buzzing about.

From Our Audience

I have been thrilled that Toni Butler chose to apply her awesome talents, celebrated up and down the Wasatch Front, here in South Jordan, in my own neighborhood. Theatre was something that was so important in my youth, and now I get to share it with my family. My husband and son auditioned for Peter Pan and were cast together as pirates so they could have father/son time together. What a unique experience! Knowing Toni and SJCT, I know my son is in a safe environment, participating in theatre that cares first about families and the individual, and creates quality entertainment that I can happily recommend to all my friends.

I can’t wait for my son’s grandparents to see him on stage, and to watch his confidence swell as he rehearses and performs in an excellent production. I feel so privileged to be in a community that supports family theatre. And I can say without a doubt that I have never encountered a theatre with more passion and sense of community and family than South Jordan Community Theatre. I hope we lend it the support it needs so it can blossom and grow, and stay in South Jordan for years to come.

Shannon Hale, UT – Newberry Award Winner

Coming to another SJCT production with kids was wonderful last night. Because it reminded me of one of SJCT’s strengths. Thank you for loving the kids. I absolutely love how you involve the kids, and not just a few of them. You involve as many as you can to give everyone the magical experience. And you find ways to involve each of them as much as possible on the stage. What a blessing it is for these kids – I still am amazed that you cast 80 orphans in Annie! I don’t know any theater that loves the kids like you do. And I love how you don’t just throw them on the stage, but you take the time to teach them the fundamentals of theater and what they are actually doing on the stage while they are up there. With that many kids it would be easy to skip that step.

Also, thanks for teaching these kids the focus and discipline that you do. My girls know exactly what is expected of them and it’s because you have taught them at a very young age how to behave in theater. They know where the line is and know what is expected and I think that is great.

Thank you for taking care of our families involved. I really do feel completely comfortable with my kids being at South Jordan. I always know they are safe, in a family friendly environment, and I never worry about them at all. Great job on the show…

Andrea Scott, UT

I just wanted to congratulate you on another successful play. Your efforts were noted and well received. I know that that will go a long way in helping to promote Community Theater in South Jordan. Thanks again for your hard work and your continuous efforts in making our community better through art.

Gary L. Whatcott, UT – South Jordan Assistant City Manager

BRAVO!! I had such a wonderful time at last night’s performance. You and your crew did an excellent job. May I thank you on behalf of the community, for all of your time and talent that you have shared with us. I am eagerly looking forward to your next production.

Lori Edmunds, UT – South Jordan Special Event Coordinator

My parents, husband and I were blown away with this production. Peter Pan was EXCELLENT! The sets, costumes and acting were so fabulous! Even my rambunctious three- year old was riveted to the stage and as soon as it was over exclaimed “I want to watch it again!” Thank you for making memories that will last a life-time and entertaining and educating us as a community. It was magical! Please keep enriching the lives of those whom your talent touches. I look forward to seeing my kids participate in Aristocats. It meant a lot to them and to us to be a part of Peter Pan! You have my most sincere gratitude.

Sarah Hawthorne, UT

We are John and Mary Barraco, parents of Dana (aka The Shadow). We just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with your production of Peter Pan. The performance was dazzling. To be able to coordinate so many small children on the stage at once is a feat on a par with Eisenhower’s staging of the landing at Normandy. Dana had a wonderful time and we feel she learned a lot from the experience.

John and Mary Barraco, UT

From Our Cast

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing production last night. My daughter, Sophie, the pink fairy, was so pleased with herself. She felt like part of something big. When we tucked her into bed last night she said, “Mom, when they were clapping I cried a little bit.” I know she will remember that night for a long time to come. It was such a boost for her self-esteem.

K.D. Price, UT

I wanted to thank you (and everyone who worked toward making Peter Pan happen) for the opportunity that my daughter and I had to be in the show. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Pan. I appreciate that Kathryn has been given these wonderful opportunities and a chance to work with so many quality people. To turn Hook’s final phrase, “No words of mine can express my utter gratitude to you.”

Andrew Hackman, UT – “Pirate” in Peter Pan

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